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Political Hierarchies

By critically engaging with Michelangelo Antonioni’s ‘Deserto Rosso’, this project manifested as a visual investigation into both the physical and political hierarchies presented in the film. Through a deliberate and considered exploration of scale, form, and composition, I sought to articulate and examine political storylines associated with class, wealth, power, and manipulation. The significant sources of inspiration derived from Deserto Rosso were the spatial arrangements of the characters in their environments and the social dynamics within the capitalist framework of the factory setting. 

My exploration in this project culminated in the creation of a triptych of digital collage images, each one exploring hierarchical themes within current political contexts. The themes depicted in my imagery comprised; the dominance of the one percent and the uneven distribution of wealth, labour exploitation and oppressive power structures within the workplace, political power dynamics, tyrannical governance, and the destructive manipulation of society for political gain.

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