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The Big Scream

A reinterpretation of Francis Bacon's 1944 'Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion'


Bacon’s painting was first shown publicly in April 1945. It portrays the horror of WW2 and is thought to reflect the fear caused by the development of nuclear weapons.


It is the emotional context behind Francis Bacon's painting that inspired PIG MEAT.

'The painting is a snapshot of history. It reflects a time when people were gripped by fears of the past, present and future. It portrays uncertainty around modern technology and the publics safety. These are parallels that can be drawn with contemporary society today. Politics, War, Ai Technology.. the list goes on.


Recreated using found images and digital manipulation the artist aims to mirror the original work, giving it a modern quality, all whilst staying true to the horrifying imagery that Bacon created over 68 years ago.

Works were exhibited at the "TIALM" Exhibition in Leeds - November 2023

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