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satirical board game that communicates the unfair and flawed nature of our society in a dark humoured, tongue in cheek manner. The game highlights issues surrounding the environment, privilege, politics and the human condition. 

'thats life'

The malicious, hostile and occasionally absurd dystopian nature of the cards leaves the players feeling personally attacked and deflated.  Through action and consequence this relentless game mirrors the unpredictable, unjust and harsh nature of our currently society. This project also explores the relationship between different members of our population, communicating the struggles of those less fortunate in comparison to those with power and wealth.  


All is not lost however, where there is misfortune and disaster there is also miracle and prosperity, though the latter are scarce in this game. Move across the board in the hopes of being honourable and receiving good fortune in a society that’s out to get you.  


how the game works


We go through life experiencing many twists and turns, hoping to God our time on earth is somewhat bearable before we reach our inevitable demise. 

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